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Our Mission

Provide a high quality and personalized consulting service to the agricultural community. Our aim is to help customers achieve increased profitability through values-based development and disciplined execution of comprehensive price risk management plans.

Our Approach

We believe that achieving our primary objective of consistent results requires that we earn a high level of trust from our customers. With trust established, we can act with the discipline necessary to effectively implement our pre-arranged price risk management plans. We have found that the achievement of this objective requires:

  • Effective two-way communication that lets the customer know our perception of the potential risks they face in the marketplace, and helps us understand their level of comfort associated with our suggestions about ways to address those risks.
  • Relevant and timely expertise from those in industry that share our values about addressing the risks that producers and users face daily.
  • Dependable collaboration with industry peers that excel in those services that our customers depend on to experience a satisfactory completion of our risk management plans.
  • Detailed and timely reporting of our risk management activities that serves both as documentation and education about our approach to the various situations faced in the commodity markets.

Our Vision

We want to see our customers consistently achieve increased profitability from adding our service to their price risk management approach. This requires that we foster an environment where our staff can continually monitor for ways our customers can more proactively address the increased uncertainties associated with commodity markets. It is imperative that we be able to respond to changing conditions in the marketplace, and provide the necessary customer support in a straightforward and affordable way.


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