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About Us


Southwest Agribusiness Consulting, Inc. was formed in 1999 to provide agriculture across the South Plains with professional assistance in the development and execution of personalized price risk management plans. Our risk management plans are designed to assist agricultural producers and users of corn, sorghum, wheat, soybeans, cotton, rice, sugar, beef and energy regardless of the size of operation. Making key marketing risk management decisions on the behalf of customers requires a high level of communication and a strong support network to insure success. Therefore, we feel fortunate that our staff is able to coordinate our risk management plans with legacy firms with proven track records and bring our customers access to information and ideas that help them operate on a more level playing field in the marketplace.

Benefits of our program

Our staff provides professional assistance in the development of individualized price risk management plans, and follows through with the execution of these plans with discipline in the marketplace. We feel that there is more risk in doing nothing than in making profit-oriented decisions utilizing sound risk management principles. A major benefit to using our approach is the peace of mind to concentrate more intently on your business activities at critical times, with the knowledge that we are monitoring the commodity markets with your best interest in mind. We emphasize that it is important to think through your risk management approach, and realize you’re your plan should use price risk tools that focus on long-term profitability, and not attempt a short-cut to success. We believe that price risk management decisions are most successful when based on profitability, and not the hope of outguessing the marketplace.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how we could assist you with marketing and price risk management strategies and implementation. We would be glad to send you more information about our services and approach.


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